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East-Com Solutions Awarded St. Mary's 6 West Project

East-Com Solutions, LLC would like to announce the award of the St. Mary's 6 West Psychiatric Unit. St Mary's has been a long time partner of East-Com Solutions, LLC.

St. Mary's General Hospital is Committed to Excellence in Patient Care

With the expertise and support of Prime Healthcare, St. Mary's General Hospital is raising the bar for healthcare in New Jersey. Prime Healthcare is one of the largest hospital companies in the nation. They are helping St. Mary's improve the quality of care by investing heavily in upgrades to the facilities, computerized technology, and medical equipment.

And the results are already showing. St/ Mary's has earned praise as a Top Performer in Key Quality Areas from the Joint Commission two years in a row; they have a totally digitally mammography, radiology and imaging center; and there is more to come.

Much more.

At St. Mary's General Hospital, they are here for you and always will be.

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